How to master the single crochet stitch?

The single crochet stitch is the one that you should learn after you have mastered the slip knot and the chain stitch. A large number of crochet patterns include the single crochet stitch but the good news is that it is not tough to manage. The good thing about the single crochet stitch is that you can create many patterns with it. You can also build on the single crochet stitch to make intriguing patterns.

One of the most common thing to do is to create a chain stitch base on which you can then start to create the single crochet stitch. This will require you to insert the hook in the chain stitches that you have created. This is something that you can do for the first row. From the second row onwards you will need to insert the hook in the stitch directly below it. You can decide where exactly to insert the hook. While various options are possible, it is important that you continue to use the same method throughout the pattern.

One great thing about using the single crochet stitch is that you can work in circles and spirals too. This stitch does not have to be done in rows. As in the case of the chain, push your hook and draw a loop. At this stage you will have two loops in our hook. Wrap the yarn around the hook and hook. Make sure that you draw the yarn over both the loops that you have created. Repeat this sequence and you will be able to make the single crochet stitch.



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