Endless Crochet patterns

With a ball of yarn and a hook, you are actually quite set to start venturing into the world of crochet. However, there is one last thing that you do need to have if you want to create patterns that will mesmerize. It will take some time for you to be able to create objects, patterns and colors without any aid and therefor another thing that you do need for crocheting are patterns. You can find...


How can you measure gauge for crochet patterns?

While you may be asked to create a swatch or a test piece with the yarn that you are making, this is not something that you will come across in all crochet patterns. A swatch can help you understand whether your gauge matches with the designers gauge so that your final product comes out of the size that you are looking for. A test can also give you an indication of the feel and drape of the yarn...


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