What is the right crochet yarn to choose for a beginner?

If you are in the process of learning how to crochet, a good idea is to try different kinds of yarn so that you can get a hang of the manner each of the yarns feel. You could create small swatches of each and get an idea. It is recommended that you choose yarn that is smooth and easy to manage rather than something like an eyelash yarn that is rough and has too much hair. Beginners should try an...


What can I do with all the crochet work that I create?

If you have fallen in love with crocheting, chances are that you shall rapidly be creating various patterns and products for your home. You can create complete bedcovers, table mats, runners, covers, sweaters, caps, socks, kerchiefs and more with this art that you acquire. However, after a while you are going to get a wee bit tired of the whole thing in terms of the crocheted material that you h...


How can you measure gauge for crochet patterns?

While you may be asked to create a swatch or a test piece with the yarn that you are making, this is not something that you will come across in all crochet patterns. A swatch can help you understand whether your gauge matches with the designers gauge so that your final product comes out of the size that you are looking for. A test can also give you an indication of the feel and drape of the yarn...


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