Crochet How To

Learning how to crochet is not tough. However, sometimes when you are trying to achieve it by reading the instructions from out of a book, it can get extremely frustrating. The first thing to do when you are beginning on this journey is to look at the various kinds of hooks that are available. It is recommended that you do not jump into the whole thing and start looking at tough patterns. They will only exasperate you since you need to start at the very beginning.

It is also suggested that you check out some crochet making videos that can give you a good idea of the manner in which you supposed to hold the hook and the movement of the hook along the yarn. Choose a smooth yarn for you first crochet project. Eyelash yarns should be avoided since they can get extremely frustrating. Additionally when you choose yarn color, try and use a light color so that you are able to see your stitches easily.

How to make the chain stitch?

The chain stitch is also an integral part of crochet. After you have learnt the slip knot, this is the first thing that you need to make. In fact, once you have mastered the chain stitch you shall be able to start creating some of the basic patterns that crocheting has to offer. The chain stitch is often the first basic thing that you make when you are trying to make anything by using crochet. I...


How to Make a Slip Knot

Learning how to make the slip knot is probably the first thing that you need to do. Interestingly there are various ways in which you can create a slip knot. The specific manner in which you do it will depend on the person you are learning it from or the person who is detailing the same in the book. The details that have been provided below are for making a slip knot for a right handed person. T...


How to master the single crochet stitch?

The single crochet stitch is the one that you should learn after you have mastered the slip knot and the chain stitch. A large number of crochet patterns include the single crochet stitch but the good news is that it is not tough to manage. The good thing about the single crochet stitch is that you can create many patterns with it. You can also build on the single crochet stitch to make intrigui...


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